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When you are purchasing a home, your broker may recommend you obtain a mortgage pre-approval before you find the home of your dreams. There are some benefits to being pre-approved before you find a home, but oftentimes, people confuse pre-qualifications with pre-approvals. So the question many buyers have is what exactly is a mortgage pre-approval?

Mortgage pre-approval is that step in the mortgage application process where a lender probes deep into your financial past, checking out your income via W-2s, debt-to-income ratio, credit score.

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Why is this happening. it can help to whip your credit into shape before locking in a mortgage, save as much as you can toward your down payment, secure pre-approval on your loan and consider.

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A mortgage pre-approval is the process in which a potential home buyer completes a loan application and provides the necessary documentation to verify that they can indeed be approved for the mortgage they seek. Why is my mortgage pre-approval useless? As per the definition above, before getting preapproved for a home loan, a lender or broker.

A mortgage pre-approval is usually valid for 60 days and guarantees your financing is in place when you find the perfect home. Once you hire a realtor they’ll need the mortgage pre-approval letter to start showing you homes you are interested in.

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