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The first launch, the Soyuz-2.1a variant, was to carry the. is on the drawing board, there were no plans given for what a lander might look like (we imagine some frantic dusting off of.

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Civilian variants included the 48-81 passenger L-649, which was replaced in 1947 by the longer-range L-749, and then by the 109-passenger L-1049 Super Constellation in 1949. The last of the "Connies" was the L-1649A Starliner , with a completely new wing and greater fuel capacity and range.

IAU and the 88 Constellations. Originally the constellations were defined informally by the shapes made by their star patterns, but, as the pace of celestial discoveries quickened in the early 20th century, astronomers decided it would be helpful to have an official set of constellation boundaries.

Rigel marks Orion’s left foot. Another Arabic name for the constellation is il al-abbr, or "the foot of the great one." The star’s other two variant names, Algebar and Elgebar, are derived from this phrase. Rigel is a blue supergiant. It belongs to the spectral type B8lab and is 772.51 light years distant.

No single gene stood out, but the top 281 genetic variants that were most associated with old age served as a sort of constellation of genetic markers that were strongly associated with extreme old.

Since 1943 Lockheed had been planning a stretched variant of the Constellation family. The first was an L-049 with a fuselage lengthened by 13 feet (4m). The next was an L-749 lengthened by 18.

fixed occasional crash when selecting constellations, either from search or by directly tapping on them. – Star Chart now understands that Pluto has 5 moons, not 4. – When running in an English variant other than US English, planet/moon order text was not displaying correctly.

A new planet is discovered in the constellation Carina, which is near the south celestial pole. It orbits the sun in a very low eccentricity orbit. Observations indicate that it sweeps out 1.4% of its orbit in a year, and that it is moving toward a point on the celestial sphere where the ecliptic intersects with the celestial equator (near the.