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The digital mortgage process. The Digital Mortgage lifecycle leverages technology starting with lead generation all the way to servicing. The benefits of a Digital Mortgage include speed, transparency, convenience, and security. These benefits accrue to both lenders and borrowers and help to drive down origination costs.

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Reverse Mortgage Process. The Reverse Mortgage Process Application The application is the initial set of documents that allows the loan officer to continue working on your loan. The documents are preliminary, but they will explain the proposed loan’s interest rates, fees and terms. These documents can be sent via Fed-Ex or through our secure E-Sign.

(KUTV) Teresa Whitehead from CityWide Home Loans. Knowing the difference between pre-qualifying for a mortgage and being pre-approved is a key step in the home loan process, and can save you from.

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Just tell your loan officer prior to making any changes – during the loan process. It’s safe to say, the mortgage process is not over until you close. Just Pinned to Real Estate Infographics: While securing a home loan can seem overwhelming, there are a few things you can do (and a few things you can avoid doing) to make the mortgage process.

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The answers can mean the difference between starting the house hunt-or staying put until the time is right. 1. How Healthy Is My Credit Score? A mortgage can be one of. significant emotional.

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Mortgage Process Survey Home Mortgage Process Survey. Please share your experience so far with HUNT Mortgage and rate us on the following: Providing clear explanations. Returning calls promptly Being friendly and helpful. Your overall satisfaction.

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This leaves room for other home and personal expenses. As an example, if you bring home $5,000 per month, then ideally your monthly mortgage payment would be no more than $1,250. Q: What is a fixed-rate mortgage vs. an adjustable-rate mortgage? A: Fixed-rate mortgages have a fixed interest rate throughout the life of the entire loan.

During the loan process, you’ll want to avoid negatively impacting your loan pre-approval in any. What First-Time Home Buyers Should Know About Fixer-Uppers A perfect home can be hard to find these days, especially if you’re a first-time.