How to hire Millennials in today’s aging mortgage industry

Believability of brand – Millennials have the uncanny ability to smell a rat in an instant. In order for them to believe in your mortgage company, they must believe in your brand and everything it stands for. And, they must experience it personally. They want absolute honesty, 100% of the time.

Today’s mortgage industry seems to be aging, and very few Millennials seem to be interested in carrying on the profession. These lenders, however, must be doing something right. They just made.

Aging millennials have 401(k)s, good jobs and think about getting married and having kids, she says, but that’s not reflected in the media. "On TV, whenever they make a show for millennials, it’s always about how they can’t get their act together!"

How NOT to Invest In Real Estate!! How to engage Millennials. Middle management should be tasked and empowered to manage employee engagement on a micro scale. The corporation should be tasked on managing engagement on a macro scale." "Many baby boomer employees with greater than 30 years experience with the company recognize the need to be flexible,

Stuck on the car-loan treadmill: Wells | The Star The five-year car loan used to be the convention. Do consumers fully understand the trap of the auto-debt treadmill? The consumer agency says no. “They know the interest rate they’re paying,” says.

Incorporating Millennials into Your Aging Workforce. industry, and practices.. "Why hiring millennials could be good for business" states that this age group pushes the digital.

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Similar to the broader U.S. economy, Maryland unemployment has been below 4% for the past 12 consecutive months and many.

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The construction industry is facing a crisis of sorts. Its workforce is aging faster than any other industry in the country, and construction companies nationwide are looking to fill multiple positions. There’s one group that industry leaders are hoping will turn it all around – the millennials.

Another reason why millennials don’t need the anti-aging industry is because we simply don’t trust it. A promise to turn back the clock or an alluring marketing slogan worked fine and well for mom and grandma, but we need proof that something works, and is worth our hard-earned money.

The construction industry has a reputation problem. It’s so bad that Millennial workers are largely turning away from jobs in construction. According to the Center for Construction Research and Training, the median age of construction workers in 2000 was 37.9.By 2010, the median age jumped to 40.4 years old.

By 2025, they are projected to make up 75 percent of all U.S. employees, an increase from about 1 in 3 workers today. Video: 4 recruiting tips to Attract Millennials